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A Styled Shoot Like No Other

First of all, let me start off by extending my gratitude. Gratitude that some of you have read our past posts, and surely the returning readers must have thought we had given up on this blog.

Nope. We were never gone.

The past weeks have just been absolutely crazy here at The Wedding People. And with the pandemic still going on...

Huh? What do you mean still going on? There are crowds everywhere like it never happened!

Right? But hey, economics.

Anyhoo, the idiosyncratic minds behind The Wedding People would like me write about our last styled shoot. What is a styled shoot you say? Well, a styled shoot is exactly what its name suggests: you style stuff, and you shoot said stuff.

No, not like target practice you dummy. Pictures.

1) What Do You Think of When Envisioning a Wedding?

I'm almost afraid to be asked this question. See, the typical average know-it-all would be going off like Flowers, white drapes, walking down the aisle in slo-mo, outdoor garden... more flowers.

We on the other hand, had an idea. An idea to steer away from the cheesy, overdone, typical wedding designs.

We (quite literally) slammed our palms on the table and said "POP!"

That other guy who wasn't quite on the same page went "Get me a mocha while you're at it."

2) Pop-Colours

The idea formed, festered, and we began toying about with it.

We gathered a team of like-minded wedding vendors and showed them our vision.

A few months later, we came together at Havilah by Wild Olive Branch and made it all come to life.

3) Tropical Blooms

We designed, sketched, drew, painted, planned everything, and coordinated the entire set-up and shoot.

we droo dis
and from our drawing it became reality

If the above photo didn't get your attention, I don't know what will.

We had a glorious time working with a bunch of awesome people.

(Scroll to the bottom for the full list of wedding vendor credits)

Some things may not have gone to plan, but everything else exceeded our expectations.

4) The Culprits Responsible

The Wedding People - We, the masterminds behind this little work of art. Wedding planners and stylists.

Arly.Co - Our talented and skilled hair and make-up artist.

Eufloria Florals - The amazing florist who went several extra steps to make this shoot a success.

Furniche - The man with the best collection of quality furniture

Havilah by Wild Olive Branch - whom without we would not have an empty canvas to style and shoot in.

Luna Bianca Bridal - ohhhhh the gownsss... the suitss.... so.... prettyyy.

Penang Place - provider of mouth-watering, hunger inducing torment during the shoot.

The Balloon People - These people love latex.

The Curious Light - No other photographer can make you smile this naturally for photos.

The Nail Lab - The artist behind incredible nail art.

Feliza & Anthony - The beautiful model faces gracing the photos.

5) A Message

This shoot gave birth to a different sort of wedding theme compared to what you may have seen out there and that is exactly what we had hoped to accomplish.

We want to tell couples that they do not need to follow the trend, but to create a memory that is uniquely them; a wedding that tells their stories.

Do whatever you want, whenever you want!

Super, duper thankful for all the above partner(s) in crime who jumped on board our unusual plan without hesitation. Without anyone of them, this would not have been as successful.

And this, this gratification is what inspired us at The Wedding People to hand-paint a Pantone-inspired art canvas to gift each of our partners to show our appreciation and for their unwavering support toward us.

Everybody showcased their incredible skills, exemplary quality of work with full trust in each other. This is what we want to bring to all our couples; to make their dream wedding come true.

So believe us when we say no idea is too big for us.


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