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1) Why Enter The Wedding Industry As A Planner?

This question is no stranger to us – so many people have asked why we want to venture into the wedding industry where there are already so many strong competitors.

This may not be the best industry or business to be in if you want to be a millionaire, but it is the best industry to be in if you want to surround yourself with love, happiness and non-stop celebrations.

Weddings are one of the most magical and important milestones in one’s life. It was a common thing for little girls to envision how their dream weddings are liked. Our principal wedding planner, Y was one of them as well. She started off as a banquet waitress as a part time job during her schooling days, she was exposed to different kinds of wedding that were held at the particular hotel, which till date she is still raving on about how good their food are!

Some say she is still raving at this very moment

With that exposure, she went on to be a butler for wedding couples during their wedding day and to give as much help as possible to the couple on that day. And no matter how exhausted she got, the satisfaction and heart-warming moments never failed to keep her going at 200% when the couple enjoys their special day and not having any worries about a single thing. Because of this – she aims to take away any unnecessary stress on couples, so that they can enjoy the entire planning process and focus on the big day itself.

After gathering knowledge and experiences from variations in related industries, Y and J decided to make this dream of theirs come true and begin this company to call their own. They know that weddings are different from corporate events; the relationship you form with your couples go further (much further) than just few months and end on their big day. The beauty of being a wedding planner is that strong friendships can be developed between planners and couples. This is one of the reasons why we are excited to embark on this journey – we are excited to meet new people.

Just absolutely flippin' enthusiastic

2) We’re Just a Bunch of Not-So-Average Joes (And Janes)

The Wedding People. There were so many ruling factors back when we were just thinking of how we wanted to do this. And out of a sudden it became so obvious and bam. The Wedding People.

Within a day we named and registered the business, created the logo and bam again, the website was up the following day. What a rush. And truly as exciting and refreshing as it was to suddenly be doing something we’ve always wanted to do; I must admit there were certain daunting prospects of this business. We had nothing to build up on. We didn’t have a strong portfolio (since we had only just begun) and we only had our ideas and skills to rely on.

Now, the reason why I’m telling y’all this, can be summed up with one simple word: transparency.

We’ve been in the events industry for what feels like forever. Y specializes in Wedding and Event Planning; J has been Event Ops for as long as he can remember. The rest of us span from Audio Visual, Logistics, and really, just kind of all over the place.

And it is precisely because we’ve all been through this industry, we know. We know how things are done. For the sake of business ethics, I will not go into details. Anyway, my point is this: we’re not gonna do things the way they do. We’re not gonna charge you an exorbitant price just for the sake of earning. We’re not gonna hide costs from you; we’re not gonna tell you your bridal bouquet costs $300 when it only actually costs $200.

Well. So much for not going into details. But hey, that’s what transparency means to us. Full transparency. Pinky-promise.

Speaking of which…

3) We Wanna Have Fun Too!

At this point, you must have realised that we have a different approach in where our posts are going – we ain’t doing this post as if we’re writing an assignment to be submitted for grading. Instead, we ‘re keeping it as casual as possible and trying our best to incorporate our feelings into it so you get to feel it as much as we do! Although the best way is most definitely having a cup of tea and cakes with us, or…. maybe over some beer too!

Yup... just a sec... be right with you.

Why are we heading in this direction instead of the very formal way? We believe that weddings should be fun and enjoyable, same goes to the planning process. We are not here only to help couples on the planning process, we are here to make it fun for them! That’s how we can become friends right? No-one wants a boring friend. We are also a bunch of playful yet professional group of people coming together. Injecting fun and bringing joy to people around us is what we believe in while making sure all details and work-related stuff are covered.

...probably too late to warn you about potential seizures.

We can’t wait to meet all of you people out there and come up with amazing plans to pull off!

Alriiight. We've talked enough about ourselves and we will sign off from here!

Reach out to us and we can always talk over cakes, tea and/or beer!

- The Wedding People

PS. This won't be the only post. Stay tuned to our Instagram for our next update!


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