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A One-Sided Article On Suiting-Up.

Granted, for most of us in Singapore, wearing a suit is rarely a good idea. The sticky, sweltering heat is merciless on most days. So many of us do not wear them often enough to know how you should or should not be wearing them.

The worst thing to do to something so timeless and classic, is to do it injustice.

Hence, we’ve compiled (in short) the big no-nos of wearing a suit for you guys.

Also... a foreword: this is a very one-sided article meant mostly for chuckles. The rules though, are serious.

1) Never, Ever, Use That Last Button at the Bottom.

This is something I’ve seen way too often, and probably the most common mistakes guys make. Just because the button is there, doesn’t mean it is supposed to be used.

Here’s why: It’s just there for the style.

I’m gonna go ahead and assume you have a 2-button suit jacket like everybody else. Go ahead and button up that top one but leave the bottom alone. If you need to sit down, undo the top button. You might ruin your suit if you don’t.

P.S. If you are wearing a waistcoat, the same applies. Leave that last button alone.

But... but... I've seen celebrities with all buttons done up!

Yes, I've seen it too. They are doing it wrong.

Though, some of the older fashioned suits are made to button up. Not you mate, you're better than that.

2) Poor Fitting

Poor fitting in more ways than one.

Here’s another one of the common mistakes: buying one that doesn’t fit.

Here’s why: I mean c’mon guys. This must be obvious.

You can have a $5000 GUCCI suit but if it doesn’t fit properly, it’ll still look ugly compared to a fitting $150 suit made by some old man from Mumbai.

3) Tying a Tie

Okay, I guess different people have opinions about this. Generally, this is what happens when you tie it wrong. Tie it too long, you look like an idiot. Tie it too short, you look fat or lanky. Skinny ties are an abomination unless you’re an antsy emo teenager going to prom. Graphic printed ties are the offspring of the above-mentioned abomination.

Here’s why: Gentlemen’s rules.

a) The tip (haha) should just barely touch your belt. End at, or just before your belt. Same for waistcoats.

b) The width of the tie should match the width of your lapel. Lapel refers to the flappy thingies on the front of your blazer. Y'know, the folded piece of fabric that serves nearly no function.

c) ALWAYS push it up all the way. We know it chokes. You know you like it.

d) Your tie should always be darker than your shirt. But still brighter than my future.

e) There are no established rules that your tie should match your pocket square. The pocket square is probably one of the few things you get to mess around in terms of colour and design choices.

4) Shirt Types

We live in a fancy world where there are more than 10 types of collars alone.

Oh god please... no. Just... NO.

Let’s just keep it simple. You ain’t fooling anyone wearing a polo-tee under that suit jacket. Now granted I’m sure as hell you won’t be doing that for your wedding (I really hope not), but I feel compelled to inform you that a Mandarin collar doesn’t work either.

Here's why: Most shirts are designed in such a manner that there actually is a function/purpose to it. Not a mandarin collar. They serve no purpose other than to inform everyone else you are a waiter at your own wedding.

When it comes to a shirt for a suit, keep it simple, plain, and fitted. You really can’t go wrong with that if you choose a matching colour.

5) Shoes and Colours

Women aren't the only ones with a hundred thousand types of footwear. The type of shoes you wear with a suit says much about your tastes.

Here's how: For example, classic oxfords vs brogues.

Nothing wrong with either. It's a personal taste. One is nice and classy, the other one an absolute monstrosity.

Oxfords: Nice & Classy
Absolute Monstrosity

We're obviously only going to acknowledge dress shoes. Any other form of footwear with suits are fine with me if you plan to have no children.

Just make sure they complement the colour of your belt. You can Google colour charts for suits easily these days.

6) Other Generic Suit Rules

I could probably go on for hours about the fashion terrorists I've encountered before.

I'll just sum up the rest of the rules:

  • If you have a pocket square, use it. Don't worry about coming off too formal. And no, a paper napkin won't fool anyone.

  • If you are wearing suspenders, don't wear a belt. Its like drying yourself with a soaking wet towel in the rain.

  • Wear socks. And they should ALWAYS cover all visible parts of your bare leg. Nobody wants to see leg hair. But what about loafers, you say? Read point number 5.

  • Your jacket should reveal about half to 2/3 inches of your shirt cuffs. Why? Because it looks nice with, and shitty without.

  • Every man should learn how to tie a tie knot. I don't blame you if you don't. That's why I do what I do.

-The Wedding People


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