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A Bohemian Disco

Okay, there probably won't be another full fledged styled shoot post in a while... I hope.

This one was absolutely exhausting. And yet we loved and enjoyed every second of it.

1) The Masochists

Coming from numerous industries (mainly Events) there is something about the team behind The Wedding People.

It's like... they enjoy subjecting themselves to stress; somehow able to make anything feel like it is actually fun.


okay fine. I admit it. I enjoy this too. Can I get a raise now?

Wait... Am I even getting paid?

Alright... to be fair, this shoot wasn't that hard to plan.

2) Falling Into Place

Some time ago we visited this café buried deep in the hills of Dhoby Ghaut. Crane Club. That moment when we stepped foot into the venue, it was pretty much a no-brainer. This rustic bohemian themed café was a co-sharing space combined with exclusive local-made products and that little touch of Singaporean-ness.

At this point, we had our direction.

We roped in the florist, who in turn roped in the photographers and videographers, who in turn roped in the makeup artist and so on.

3) Style Points

About a month into the planning, someone else had beat us to the punch and did the exact same designs at Crane we wanted to do.

And being the competitive idiots we are (not too proud of this), we decided to top that. We began brainstorming for other ways to inject that famous dose of "The Wedding People weirdness".

The more we discussed... the weirder things got.

Someone then literally punched me and screamed "DISCO BALLS!"

That's how The Wedding People come up with most of our ideas. It usually involves hitting something... OR SOMEONE.

We (only the creative guy) scrambled to get our new designs out while the rest of us sat back with a beer, complimented each other and marveled at our ingenious ideas.

4) Bohemian Disco

We aren't very good at coming up with names sometimes.

But we are good at stupid ideas. Such as tossing disco balls around and getting our fingers cut.

5) The Vandals

The Wedding People - Architects behind this work of marvel; wedding planners and stylists.

Crane Club - Awesome place with awesome vibes.

Gioielli SG - Gorgeous Bridal Accessories ~

Rasel Singapore - FOOD!! yum yum yum

Purple Sage Singapore - MORE FOOD!! yum yum yum

Shino Makeup & Hairstyling - The artist for a natural, wholesome look.

Silhouette The Atelier - Intricately hand-crafted Gowns & Suits, certainly one of the best.

The Twinkle Petals - Floral artists who'll go the extra mile.

Wedding Authors - The awesome, fun loving people behind the lens.

Isaac & Rachell - The beautifully talented couple. Living proof that life is unfair to the rest of us.


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