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5 Things We Can Expect Post Circuit-Breaker

Let’s face it. We all saw this coming. The government was never going to lift all regulations all at once. Granted, some of us can return to work now, and restrictions are loosening up as the weeks fly by.

But things will take a long while before they return to normal. After all, for the rest of us, the general population (I’m looking at you, Madam Sovereign) we’re all sorta getting used to wearing masks.

But like usual, we here at The Wedding People are all about positive (in this case, humourous) vibes. Let’s have a gander at what could possibly be in store for us when things really do return to normal.

Things like…

1) Tan Lines

3 months (and counting) of the Circuit Breaker. The long-awaited month of June has arrived and yet we still find ourselves under strict assertion from both the law and society to wear face masks when out of our own homes.

2) We Emerge as Chefs/Bakers

Remember when the announcements were made for the Circuit Breaker, nearly half the population decided it was the best time to head on over to the nearest supermarket? And a few weeks later most of these people realized they had more than they could eat.

I know. I was one of them. Oh the shame.

What do we do with the excess? We cook, bake, and find excuses to send these to our friends and families. Speaking of baking… Phoon Huat had seriously long queues and waiting times in the past weeks.

I know. I was in one of them too.

3) Awkward Non-Handshaking

Let’s just say meetings with clients may never be the same.

Surely one of the first instincts you’d retain from the good ol’ days before the pandemic, was to offer your potentially disease-ridden hand to shake when you meet your clients after this whole thing blows over. And it would be impolite to refuse a handshake.

Then you remember and retract the hand with an awkward smile in futile attempts to laugh it off.

Uh oh. She thinks you’re an idiot now. She’s smiling too but deep down she thinks you’re a creep.

Not to mention the awkward moments after when she pulls out a bottle of hand sanitizer from her bag.

4) Fit or Fat?

Staying at home all day? You’ll only come out of this fitter or fatter. Depending on which half of the population you belong to.

Hopefully not this half

5) Personal Spaces

Y’know how sometimes when you’re queuing for something, and some bloke comes up behind and joins the queue? He’s not doing anything wrong, but he’s standing so close, you feel uncomfortable. And if you are a pacifist like me, you’d refrain from asking that guy to back off, because you don’t want to hurt his feelings. And in your head, you’d probably go something like

What is his problem? Dudeeee back the @$#% off man… Gawd. K.. Imma do this… Imma turn back suddenly and look startled so he’ll know he’s standing too close. It's all about body language man YOU CAN DO THIS… Annnddd you’re next in line.

But hey, we won’t have that problem now with social distancing. That’s a win.

- The Wedding People


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