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5 Things That May Change Weddings From Now

We're all sooooo sick and tired of hearing about the health regulations for the wedding industry in Singapore.

There is a good chance we have to live with this virus for the next few years (decades).

While the government is doing all they can to put this damned thing to a halt, we have to work around the regulations in the meantime.

Along with the new rules, here are some things you should expect for your weddings.

1) Their Existence

Due to PDPA regulations and being the law abiding citizens that we are, we've refrained from showing the image and name of a certain woman who was caught on camera arguing with officials while blatantly refusing to put on her mask at MBS. Ya'll know who we're talking about. So instead here's a similar image.

Because of people like them, we may be plunged into a perpetual pandemic lasting several years, which may directly result in an everlasting hell of a semi-lock down. Destination weddings may soon become a thing of the past. (At least until we completely eradicate the threat of another pandemic.)

We're not encouraging you to put your wedding plans to a halt. But instead, consider the reasons why the regulations are put in place and how difficult venues and vendors are having it. Attempting to work around the rules, finding loopholes, aren't helping the economy.

We, as wedding planners, are helping you get through this.

Ahem. I say this because of people like the aforementioned woman. Honestly I didn't know people like that actually existed in Singapore.

America? Yeah abso-flipping-lutely. But not Singapore? Nooooooo...

2) Wedding Postponements

This is now becoming a new standard for all contract clauses.

You want your friends, families, extended families, their nieces and nephews, mutual friends and their pet goldfishes to attend your wedding. That amounts up to 250 pax, not including their goldfishes.

As of the moment you can have only up to 100 pax with PET (Not the goldfishes, we'll get to this in a moment) or 50 pax without PET for a solemnization ceremony ONLY.

Mind you, that discounts the reception.

Assuming you can find a venue to host 250 pax easily with safe distancing, You're still gonna have to decide who to exclude from your wedding.

Nooooo not the goldfishes!

So that leaves the big question: If you really, absolutely want to include them all, and are able to wait to get married, put your plans on hold first, and at least be able to hold the reception you've always dreamt of.

Or, you could just get solemnized first, then hold the reception when things turn better. (they will... eventually.)

Don't let this stress you out. It's an either-or thing, no biggie... right?

3) Pre-Event Testing (PET)

This is all about bringing your friend's mutual friend's uncle's pet goldfish to your wedding.

Pre-Event Testing or PET for short, has a few sticks up your nostrils... haha... get it?

There's that Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR) and the Antigen Rapid Test (ART). Both of which fall under the PET at the moment. While many more forms of tests are sure to emerge, these are what we have to work with at the moment.

It ain't no walk in the park. Implementing more than 50 pax at your wedding ceremony means you'll have to subject some (if not, most) of your guests to these tests. It involves sticking up a swab stick up your nostrils, deep enough to reach where your sinus is, and digging around for dirt.

I mean if your guests are cool enough to go through that for you, yay.

Perhaps you should reward them with something really nice - refer them to our services.

I need to eat next month too.

4) Safe Distancing... for life?

"Long ago, ten people seated together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the virus attacked. Only the with Temporary Infectious Diseases Act, master of all our regulations, could stop them, but when we needed it the most, the virus evolved. A couple years passed and we discovered it was still there, a regulation named Safe Distancing..."

You don't know how long I've been wanting to write this. I waited 2 years of the pandemic so I can crack this joke. So laugh, damn you, LAUGH. If you didn't get it, its cool.

This, is honestly something no one can predict. But there's that decent chance 5-8 pax to a table for a wedding reception would be the standard across venues in the future.

5) Live Streaming

Back before all these, live streaming your own weddings was only seriously considered by Youtubers, vloggers and some social media influencers. These days, with the help of mobile apps and easily accessible equipment, almost ANYONE can live stream ANYTHING.

Relatives who reside overseas now no longer have any excuses to avoid your wedding. Haha. Too bad. You're gonna tune in and you're gonna watch us enjoy. Let me rub my happiness in your face.

This has gradually been gaining traction since the CB first began, especially since you can only have a fixed number of attendees physically present for your wedding.

That also imposes a limitation on the quality of your wedding. What kinda wedding would it be, if you didn't have some form of entertainment to amuse your guests with... right?

Fortunately we live in the wondrous age of technological advancement containing plenty of online games and activities for your guests to interact with.

Not an ad. Click here to find out more about how this is not an ad!

Don't take anything we say here too seriously tho. We know you guys are stressed out over your planning. But ya'll gotta chill sometimes.


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