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5 Most Common Wedding Regrets (In Singapore)

I had began planning my own wedding in my head years before I met my partner like a typical psychopath would do. And it wasn't until the recent years when I had attended weddings of my close friends and families that I now realized nearly all of them had several things in common with one another.

Ready for some truth? Because no matter how much time you put in to plan for the single most important day of your married life, no matter how much money you had set aside, (If you're Kardashian-rich, stop reading immediately because money apparently solves most of the peasant problems here.) some things are just simply bound to not go quite as planned, or you might forget this and that.

Ask any married person and they'd probably have at least 1 thing they wished they had done differently.

1) Not Sticking to Budget

Isn't it quite uncanny how many times we've had to mention this word eh?

Crazy Rich Asians showed us an extremely uncomfortable truth that sticks to commoners like us the way peanut-butter sticks to the roof of your mouth.

And that truth is: Money solves nearly every problem you can possibly have in this industry (other than true love)

However for wet-market going peasants like us, it can be very tempting to splurge on needless extravagance based on the "oh-you-only-get-married-once" mindset.

Well, yes... you're not wrong. Except when you end up paying the price for more than 1 wedding day.

Debt is not a good way to start your 1st day of marriage. So do you really, really, REALLY need that horse-driven carriage and that eight thousand dollar suit?

Speaking of which...

2) Choosing an Outfit That Wasn't Comfortable

While there are countless bridal studios and tailors out there, there is no law dictating that you have to be wearing one for your day, especially if you're someone who hates wearing dresses/formal attire.

Sure it looks great and all, but don't do it if you're just gonna wear it to conform to social norms. Be a rebel! Wear sneakers if you hate heels! Honestly, anything that you'll be comfortable in!

We promise we won't judge.

But if you do absolutely want to wear a gown, find one you're comfortable enough in. After all, you'll be spending the entire day/evening moving about in it.

3) Not Asking for Help

I can't promise this is not an advertisement.

There is no shame in asking for assistance. Your day will be hectic. This I can promise.

It'll be fine the first couple months or so... until when your to do list starts piling up because you have to juggle between work and wedding planning, and like every other couples who are about to get married in the coming weeks, you begin to question your own sanity.

So if your budget doesn't allow you the luxury of hiring a wedding planner, consider delegating tasks to your bridal party, friends, and families.

If you've got a bloke who's got a silver tongue, he's the Emcee!

Got an artistic friend? Let him design your invite cards!

Call in your gang and sell your soul!

Otherwise, let us get in on this. You'll off load soooooo much more off your shoulders.

A professional wedding planner (us) handles nearly everything for you, remembers everything for you and if you asked, we'd even be your best friends!

You might be considering to simply delegate a friend to coordinate for you on the actual day, but if its possible, don't!

A coordinator needs to be 100% focused on the day and be several steps ahead to ensure nothing goes wrong.

You can't have someone who'd potentially stop to catch up with old friends, and possibly forgetting to guide the solemniser in.

4) Not Enjoying the day Enough

How much is enough?

Well... this is subjective since we've had couples who were so wasted at the end of the day, they could barely remember what happened. But hey, they were happy so I guess it's good enough?

Entertaining guests, taking photos, speeches, changing clothes, hurried bites, the list goes on. There is so much for you to do on the day, and you'll barely have the time to sit down and properly enjoy a meal. That's no way to celebrate!

But with proper planning and scheduling, you can at least slip in pockets of time to relish that new band on your finger, let that moment sink in that you are now Husband & Wife.

5) Inviting Too Many People

We get it. Your mom absolutely needs to have your Uncle's pet goldfish there. After all it was the reason why she got that job she always wanted.

The good news is goldfishes don't eat much.

The bad news...? They won't remember your wedding at all.

So if you really don't want that goldfish looking relative that you hate turning up at your wedding, (We all have a relative we don't really like. In my case, it was actually my uncle and his pet goldfish. Sneaky little bastard looks at me funny like you wanna come at me bro?) consider sitting down for a honest talk with your parents, and explaining the modern day costs of feeding a goldfish. Here's some "proof" to show your mom.

- The Wedding People


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