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We are The Wedding People and we are a team of wedding planners, designers, and stylists who believe that weddings are celebrations that should be thoroughly enjoyed - even the planning bit that nobody sees.

The Wedding People focuses on the relationship between people. Celebrations are tailored to be unique, intimate and fun to best reflect a couple’s personal preferences and story.

Actual Day Coordination

Wedding Planning | The Wedding People
Wedding Planning | The Wedding People

Best for couples who prefer getting more hands-on and would like to do most of the planning for their wedding, yet require help for coordination and execution on their big day.

Wedding Planning | The Wedding People

For couples whom have secured their main venue for their big day but unsure how to go about with the rest of the planning.

We'll help out with whatever you can't do and nail it in the process.

Wedding Planning | The Wedding People

Don't have time? Don't know where to begin? Take on this package with us and we will do everything for you. You call the shots, and we will take care of every vendor, every detail, every coordination. All you have to do is tell us.

Suitable for couples who do not have the time and/or unsure where to begin with the planning process. This package is also suitable for couples for would like to have planners to help them with the planning from the beginning.

The Wedding People Reviews


"Big big big big THANK YOU to our wedding planners: Yirong and Jordan for making our wedding run so smooth! Everything ran so smoothly on our wedding, there were no cock ups at all. They even managed everything well for us when my VIP guests were late 😂I love how meticulous TWP is.
They helped us so much during the planning process and most importantly, they managed so many things for us during the pandemic. They helped us so much with the cancellations/refunds with the hotel etc. 
I must say The Wedding People really gives 300% effort even when we engaged them at a promo rate. I cannot even emphasize enough HOW WELL they liaised with all my vendors. I cannot imagine myself without them for the wedding planning and actual day coordination :’) 
**PS. I’m an ala carte bride and I have 10 vendors excluding my venue and my ex-venue. 

They made so many trips to my venue to ensure everything is in place for my live streaming AV, for site recce, rehearsals, zoom meetings with my vendors, just to ensure everything runs smoothly. There were also many little things that they do which touches our heart. Jordan went to the groom side early morning and Yirong reached my place at 6am to ensure all is in place. Yirong even helped me with the tea ceremony like pouring the tea and all (things that bridesmaid should be doing but because I didn’t have gate crash, so there were no sisters). She even helps me with my gown, she literally RAN to me when she saw me having difficulty with my gown’s train. 

They even sent us to our hotel, check us in and help me keep my gown :’) They’re really passionate and hardworking, even some of my vendors were asking about them because they’re damn good. Friends who had engaged prestigious planners also praised that The Wedding People really super effort :’) Because we had TWP as our planner, I didn’t need to worry about the schedule and coordination, we didn’t need to trouble our friends to help out and they could all enjoy and celebrate with us. They literally just lay everything out for us, we just need to turn up as the couple 😂 Best decision is to engage TWP. 
Once again, thank you Yirong & Jordan ❤️❤️❤️ We will always recommend you!!!"

— Choon Hao & Freda

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