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Antelope Studios

Our mantra towards photography has always been first about the heart and then our techniques. If photography is simply about memories without feelings, it will be nothing more than a documentary.

We seek love, we crave fun and we are incredibly passionate about what we do. Pushing boundaries and going places, we always believe something wonderful is about to happen - and you bet we’ll be there when it does.

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For ARLY, beauty is a navigable path, attained through knowledge, and healthy practices.

Beauty stems from self-confidence, love, and embracing your form.

Much of beauty today is determined by trends, but we advocate for the longevity and organic nature of a different standard of beauty through skin ritual and modern techniques. 

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Bridefully Yours

At Bridefully Yours, it is not just going to be yet another pretty gown, but one that empowers you and boosts your confidence; one that allows your inner beauty to shine through and helps you express your unique personality - whether you’re a dainty bride who loves everything sparkly, a chic bride who admires the sophistication of minimalism or a free-spirited bride who finds a home in the wilderness. 

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Crane loves hosting boho brides in our beautiful boho location! Our infinitely flexible event spaces can convert from an intimate solemnisation setting for 10 pax, to a fabulous party for fifty guests. You can go with lush florals, vibrant colours, fun balloons-and-sparkles, or any other theme that tickles your fancy!

Crane brides love our central yet 'secret' location, readily accessible by public transport, with ample parking.


Organise a cocktail brunch, a sit-down dinner, or a family-friendly buffet. Your wedding should reflect how unique you are. We're ready to make it happen!

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Freya Films

Wedding day film making іѕ not merely a сhrоnоlоgісаl compilation of the day’s events, we аrtіѕtісаllу and creatively tell the ѕtоrу of your day and present it in true сіnеmаtіс form.
Our gоаl is to capture the unnoticed mоmеntѕ, the otherwise forgotten memories, the unеxресtеd perspectives, and the unique personalities ѕресіfіс to each couple.

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Luna Bianca

Providing the best quintessential bridal experience featuring the most stunning wedding gowns.

Luna Bianca Bridal aims to provide the best experience for all wedding couples with an endless selection of the finest designer wedding gowns for rental to bespoke services, every bride's dreams can come true!

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Multifolds Productions

To best encapsulate each wedding moment, we are committed to record your big day in photos and videos from a myriad of perspectives and angles. Some of which may pleasantly surprise you! Coupled that with professional photo editing skills to accentuate the emotions and significance of each moment.


Our working ideology is to entrust in us and in return, you can picture a multifolds. 

We don't simply snap photos. We take it a step further by bringing out the emotions and feelings attached to the photo.

But above all this, we believe that the best approach to capturing a genuinely spontaneous moment is to create a fun and creative environment. While most photographers strive to create that perfect picture, very few recognize that the essence of a picture lies in capturing the spontaneity of that perfect moment.

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Musical Touch

Our carefully curated team of musicians consists of veterans in the industry, with a minimum of ten years of stage performance.

In our selection process, we pick only those who are genuinely passionate about their craft, to fit our slogan "Live Music From The Hearts".

Since our launch in 2012, we have to date performed for thousands of events, and created millions of memories.

We aim to bring you a vast genre of music catered to your requests, and dedications from guests. Our different group selection ranges from Duos, Full Bands to even Pop Orchestra for your event!

Speak to us! Let us tailor the performance to your preferred mood and ambience, and experience the Musical Touch!

Musical Touch is offering a 10% off specially for The Wedding People couples!


Portsdown Films

One of the biggest decisions we make in life is marriage.

At Portsdown Films, we believe in authenticity in our videos. We capture every special moment of fun, laughter, and tears. We want you to look back at your video and remember every moment, even the funny mistakes you made.

Conservative or unconventional, your video is tailored to suit your style and the type of couple you are. We are always looking for new opportunity to try something new.

Portsdown Films is offering a 10% off total bill specially for The Wedding People couples!


Silhouette the Atelier

Silhouette The Atelier was established in 1995 in Singapore. We provide individually designed and uniquely created bridal attire for brides and grooms for their special day. All our designs are created in-house and made in Singapore. Silhouette’s gowns are esteemed for the quality in workmanship. Opulent and luxurious materials, intricate and fine detailing are key features of Silhouette The Atelier’s creations. Uniqueness and simplicity of classical designs still remain Silhouette’s forte.

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the Balloon People

The Balloon People (aka TBP) was formed by three individuals who came from floral, events and art background, and thus share the same passion for all things beautiful. Focusing on creating customized balloon installations for all kinds of events, from weddings to corporate events, to private parties, TBP also spices things up with other décor materials like tassels, fabric, paper, foam and many more. The possibilities are endless!


TBP aims to eliminate the stereotypical mindset of balloons as kiddish looking and only fitting for children’s parties. Customized balloon installations are not only unique to the event, they are luxe and creative. Most importantly, they can be the highlight decor for every occasion.


'Our ultimate goal is to modernize balloon decorations and ambition to bring them to every inch of Singapore for all to enjoy.’

The Balloon People is offering The Wedding People's clients 10% off total bill for all balloon decorations with a minimum spend of SGD400.


The Curious Light

With more than 5 years of experience in capturing moments in weddings, Ian believes in his connection with his couples and their guests. Taking the time to understand every couple's story and likes, we often become friends with our couples. From weddings to maternity through to family photoshoots, we're blessed to have our clients' trust in us to continue to shoot the important milestones in their lives.

Ian has an unquenchable thirst for adventure! Always on the lookout for new photo spots in our ever changing landscape, he loves for an adventurous and open-minded couple anytime!

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the Red Wedding

The Red Wedding specializes in rental and sale of traditional Chinese wedding attires - Qun Kua & Ma Kua. Red has always been regarded as an auspicious color for Chinese. This bright red attire is usually hand-embroidered with motifs such as dragons, phoenixes, bats, pomegranates, or peonies. All of these which signifies wealth, prosperity, abundance, love, fertility, and good fortune.

If you like to Discover the World of Tradition, let’s speak soon. 

The Red Wedding is offering 15% off total bill for The Wedding People couples!


The Shirt Bar

The Shirt Bar is a local menswear and lifestyle brand.

We carry a comprehensive collection of men’s apparels and accessories that can dress any groom and his groomsmen for their photoshoots, gate crashing, solemnisation, and banquet. We offer a good variety of outfits from shorts, hats, suspenders and bowties for gate crashing, to tuxedos, cummerbund, pocket squares for formal settings and everything in between.


Enjoy our special groom package at only $499 and groomsmen package at only $138.


T&Cs apply.
Visit for details.


The Twinkle Petals

The Twinkle Petals is a wedding and events florist founded by Meiling. Her passion for flowers as well as her unstructured approach in her floral works, allows the beauty of the flowers to be best shown in their natural way.


Every celebration, whether it is a simple or a grand occasion, is close to her heart and she is dedicated to transform your vision into reality.

The Twinkle Petals is offering 10% off total bill to the clients of The Wedding People


Zee & Elle

Zee & Elle is a boutique cake shop truly grounded in fulfilling people's visions of how they want their special days to be celebrated. Offering cakes, sweets, and dessert bars; our bakes are crafted by hand and inspired by lush botanicals and whimsical colours.

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