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Wedding of Alexa and Allen – 22 Feb 2020

When we first met Allen & Alexa, it was in one of the cafes at Tanjong Pagar. We got there about 20 minutes early, ordered coffee, and sat down to prepare our materials. Alexa waltzed in about 10 minutes later and introduced us to her groom-to-be, Allen. Our first impression of the couple was that Allen is a quiet guy; the sort you’ll never see standing on stage before a crowd. Alexa gave us the impression of someone whom you definitely do not want to get into a fist fight with. And they knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding. What a perfect couple.

Too cheesy?

We jumped straight into discussions for their wedding day, detailing how it was going to be like, and our roles in it.

Details of Wedding

Allen & Alexa expressed their wishes to keep the wedding day simple and enjoyable for their guests. And thus, they skipped the gate crash, but retained the traditional bride fetching and tea ceremony, followed by lunch at Peach Blossom Restaurant at ParkRoyal Collection for their families and relatives. They would also like to hold their solemnisation ceremony and dinner reception on the same day at The Gallery at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel for their immediate families and friends.

Yes people, contrary to popular belief, it isn’t compulsory to do gate crashing. What matters is that you are comfortable with doing it. It is, however, compulsory to keep the Ang Baos rolling.

Alexa later gave us the exclusive glimpse of the special dinner outfit that she had been working on with the good folks from Silhouette the Atelier. (Allen was entirely in the dark about the special outfit.)

They also gave us a special request to design and style their photo album table at the dinner reception.

We droo diss.

Wedding Morning

We’re always pumped on wedding days and oh so ready for love, quite like cupid himself. *wink* We geared up with walkie-talkies, emergency and first-aid kits, split ourselves into two teams (J & Y’s team) and moved out early in the morning.

J’s team arrived at Allen’s location at 5 in the morning to ensure the groom had woken up, checked on the bridal bouquet (ensure it’s all bloomy), boutonnieres, corsages and most importantly, the Ang Baos inside got enough money to buy out the bridesmaids.

Y’s team headed to Alexa’s place to ensure all the ladies were getting their hair and make-up done, and to make sure all other things were in place. The morning went on smoothly with Allen fetching his bride, and the tea ceremonies at both houses. Now, time for some yummy lunch.

Upon request from the couple, we won’t show you anything related to their homes, but here’s a GIF of Finn The Human.

Lunch Reception @ Peach Blossom Restaurant, Parkroyal Collection

The lunch reception was kept intimate for the couple’s families and relatives to celebrate this special day. The music cued, and the parents marched in, hand-in-hand, followed by the bridal party, and finally the stars of the day, Allen and Alexa.

The food at Peach Blossom Restaurant, is CRAZY good. Like, oh-my-glob kinda good. But it could very well be that we have low standards after starving the entire morning running about. But hey we can't complain. Its what we do and we love it.

Dinner reception @ The Gallery, Singapore Marriot Tang Plaza Hotel

The team arrived at Marriott way in advance to do some prep work for the dinner. And you know, life will always deal you with a wild card every now and then.

On the same day there had been another wedding lunch where our dinner was supposed to be. And as soon as it ended and guests left, we began unloading our stuff for the set up. The tricky thing about this was between The Gallery and where the car was parked, we had to take the lift down 3 storeys, walk to the back of the hotel, take another lift up, climb 2 flights of stairs, cross a bridge, climb another 2 flights of stairs before we reached the vehicle. We made 4 trips carrying the stuff.

on hindsight we really should have unloaded at the front of the hotel. Yeah, excuse us while we knock our heads on the wall.

By the time we were done moving the items in, the banquet staff had just begun turning over, and that was the cue for us to begin.

There were two areas that we had to focus on setting up while one of us coordinated with Hui from Fern Studio 75 who was in-charge of the floral decor.

The two areas were the photo album table and setting up a huge-ass-heavy frame for a special performance during the night’s programme. (more on this later)

Photo Album Table

We kept in mind that they wanted something simple and modern, and designed the styling for the table while adding subtle elements that were relevant to them. For context, the hoop and white drapes in the background was a hint of Alexa’s hobby, and bottles were a hint of Allen’s favourite past-time… no, he doesn’t shoot bottles like a western rancher. I wish he did, but sadly no.

Sorry Allen.


We began the evening with Justice of Peace, Mr. Adrian Peh for the solemnisation ceremony.

Alexa gracefully walked down the aisle with her father and Allen stood by the ceremonial table with his groomsmen. And as Alexa’s father gave her away, Allen took her hand and promised his soon to be father-in-law that he’ll take good care of her.

This, my friends, is one of the most beautiful, most human moments in our lives.


After most of the guests had arrived, we went on with the evening’s programme. Our newly-weds marched into the room for a traditional cake cutting ceremony. Absolutely glowing under the spotlight. The buffet line opened, and the guests were invited to help themselves. Buffet dinners tend to keep the atmosphere light-hearted and casual; it promotes more interaction between guests from different tables.

Allen & Alexa went about shortly after dinner began to mingle with their guests. Wine, Liquor and beer seen everywhere, always in their hands. Allen just absolutely loves beer. That unspoken bond between a man and his drink bride… just precious.

Later in the evening, Allen & Alexa marched in for the final time dancing down the aisle hip-hop style! Everyone went crazy. Even the crew cheered. (hence the special, custom bridal attire from Silhouette The Atelier, allowing Alexa to move about freely without the constrains of a traditional gown)

Meanwhile we can only do this

Everyone was having fun and this march-in was the cue to get the party started!

Games were played with the guests and the atmosphere throughout the night was on the high note. Everyone was having the time of their lives with smiles on their faces, nobody was left out.

If you might remember an aforementioned “heavy-ass frame” during the set-up for the dinner. This is it, the final performance of the evening.

Yes, that’s right, an aerial performance from no other than Alexa’s mentor and friend– Charlotte from Milan Pole Dance Studio. We had never seen an aerial dance up close and it absolutely blew our minds. Charlotte had absolutely nailed it. The beauty and grace of the performance is surely something nobody will forget.

Our beloved stars of the day later took the stage for a speech. A moment we will never forget. The bride spoke first and thanked her friends and family for the times they shared, reminiscing about the unforgettable moments, and finally their friends who came from all over the world to celebrate that special day with the couple. Utterly amazing to have built such strong bonds that stretch all over the world.

When Allen took the stage, the only words that escaped his lips: “I’d like to thank my parents…” And it was those words, all that anyone ever needed to hear to feel the glistening tears welling up. It was then, no more words were needed, and everyone understood, fighting back tears that were welling up in their own eyes. Y had by this time prepared a pack of tissues for herself and the groom.

We had a lot of fun during the entire day and that is exactly how all weddings should be isn’t it? Being right there in the moments that define the rest of the couple’s lives, watching them soak in all the joy, laughter, and emotions without a care in the world really is one of the most rewarding experiences for us.

We would like to express our most heartfelt, truest thanks to Allen & Alexa for putting their trust and faith in us and having us to be part of this important milestone of their lives! It was a journey we would surely relive in our fond memories.

Thank you both, Allen and Alexa.

Special thanks to the wonderful vendors in playing a part to the wedding:

Bridal Gown: Bridefully Yours

Made-to-measure gown: Silhouette the Atelier

Videographer/Photographer: Rolling Pie Pictures

AM Make up Artist: Cleo Chang

PM Make up Artist: Yosephine Regina

Florist: Fern Studio 75

Lunch venue: Peach Blossom, Parkroyal Collection

Dinner venue: The Gallery at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Performer: Charlotte

Aerial Frame: Milan Pole Dance Studio

Best wishes from The Wedding People