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How COVID-19 Affects Your Wedding And How to Deal With It.


That’s right. Written all in a large, soothing and relaxing uppercase so you don’t miss it. At this point we must all be so sick and tired of hearing the name of the virus.

There are many uncertainties and rules arising from this situation and we understand that you could very well be at a loss on what to do and how to proceed with the next stage of planning. Worrying that the wedding that you have always dreamed of will not happen and/or everything isn’t going as you thought it would. You may be on the verge of panicking or breaking down.

We understand how difficult it can be! Our very first advice: Don’t Panic. If you’re having difficulty calming down, find a bag and breathe in and out and calm down.

Let’s do a cross check on your wedding dates. If your wedding falls sometime after the 1st quarter of 2021, you’re probably safe. If it doesn’t, the following are some advice that can provide some help.

2) Check Your Contracts

Take a couple hours off to focus. Gather all contracts from your vendors and venue, check through all cancellation and change of date clauses in the fine prints. If you can, try not to cancel your wedding as love cannot and should not be cancelled (Also the cancellation fees). Opt for postponement instead, so that your celebration of love can still proceed and once the situation is gets better and everything goes back to normal, you can carry on this celebration with all things well-planned.

This pandemic is so unprecedented, the government issues tighter and stricter regulations nearly every week so it is good to stay on top of things. Keep yourself well informed in case changes in regulations affect your wedding adversely. If you haven’t signed up for WhatsApp alerts from the government, here’s a link for you:!/5e33fa3709f80b00113b6891

Speak to your vendors, be honest with them and you can find that they are absolutely understanding about the situation and are more than willing to accommodate in any way they can. Seek their advice on the situation and ask what’s their availability like for the Q1 of 2021. Consolidate all available dates and clause for the postponement into a checklist which will be easy for you to refer to when the need arises. If necessary, consult your Fengshui master for the auspicious dates for Q1 of 2021 to host your wedding.

If you haven’t had a complete list of vendors and the wedding’s happening before Q1…

3) Consider a Wedding Planner

Not tooting our own horn… but because of the pandemic, a lot can change in a short period of time and you will have to respond to these changes fast. Consider having a wedding planner to help you with your planning process, that way at least you have someone who is experienced in this industry to help you with the necessary arrangement.

It doesn’t have to be a professional wedding planner. You could get assistance from a family or friend who has done this before and have him or her draw up a list of possible vendors for you.

And it’s not just the vendors; consider invite cards, auspicious dates to perform rituals, probability of being able to gather your family together for said rituals etc.

Bridal parties and guests should also be kept informed of any changes too.

4) A Healthy Bride

Unless you work in essential services, I suppose many of you are confined to the walls of your home. Now, nobody wants to emerge from their homes significantly fatter after the quarantine period, face covered with pimples, wheezing as you breathe.

The stay home period for many of us is the perfect excuse we’ve all been waiting for to sleep more and eat more. No? Tell me, how many times did you walk to the fridge today?

If you answered any number less than 10, you might quite possibly be a compulsive liar or you live in the fridge.

Instead, make use of the time when you are confined at home for the well-being of everyone to maybe do some sit ups, get that waistline you have always wanted. If you already have it… then well good for you, you have made me envious.

To the rest of us common folk, no excuses this time. You no longer have the travel time to and from work, you get to sleep a little later and earlier, proper meals anytime of the day. Surely you can squeeze in just 1 measly hour to work out.

Health ain’t always just about your body. You can use this time to catch up on the rest that you long awaited. Pick up a new hobby or learn a new skill. Now is the time to change that and give yourself the “Me” time that you have always neglected.

And after you’ve taken care of yourself, its time to take a look at your drawing board; review your wedding plans, the designs, the guestlists, or even the bridal party. Or have the wedding planner do that for you while you continue sipping on your margarita.

You’ll come out of this absolutely glowing; you’ll look and feel so much better after you’ve settled everything.

Maybe not that much. That's just radioactive.

The Wedding People are always here for you, if you are unsure and need some advice just hit us up! We want to help troubled couples during this period of time as much as we can.

We are here to listen. We very thick skinned one.

-The Wedding People